The management of the Ningo-Prampram District Assembly, led by the District Chief Executive, Hon. Jonathan Doku has organized a stakeholders meeting on Public Financial Management (PFM) Information for the community members in Tsopoli and its environs. The DCE interacted with participants on varying issues including deplorable road networks within the Tsopoli community, small size of the newly constructed Tsopoli market, difficulty in acquiring building permit as well as exorbitant fees charged.

Participants were also concerned over poor sanitation especially air pollution from FABRIMETAL company and indiscriminate open defecation. Responding to these key concerns, Hon. Doku stated that the Internally Generated Funds are woefully inadequate to construct tarred roads. The Assembly can periodically grade it to be motorable. More importantly, construction of roads is a major preserve of the Central Government.

Notwithstanding this, the feeder roads department has been contacted over deplorable roads in the district and plans are under way for central government to take over the construction of these roads. Relating to permit acquisition, hon. Doku sternly advised prospective applicants to desist from the use of middlemen to acquire permits. This he said is a contributive factor to the supposed exorbitant fees. He entreated all applicants to walk in to the District Works Department for enquires with the appropriate documents (site plan and indenture). He assured that applicants would receive their permits within two weeks. Though the DCE attested to the small size of the Tsopoli market, he entreated the leaders and community elders to operationalize it whiles the assembly makes preparations towards future expansion.

He further advised landlords to incorporate toilet facilities into their housing projects even though the assembly is constructing considerable number of public toilets for the deprived communities. He also assured the people that management of the assembly would meet with the FABRIMETAL company over regulations governing air pollution to avert any health implications. He added that the assembly would also make use of the district assembly by-laws (sent for gazette) to address the issue of open defecation.The meeting was held under the theme, improving service delivery, transparency and accountability through feedback and dialogue on local government budgets, plans and programs. Similar meetings had been held earlier at Ahwiam, Afienya, Dawhenya and Lekpongunor.

The meeting brought together profiled stakeholders in the Tsopoli community. Key amongst them were Nene Tetteh-tsu Dusey II Chief of Tsopoli, Hon. Blessing K. Addico Assembly Member, Hon. Hannah Appenteng, Gov’t Appointee, Amos Teye Unit Committee, John Ayumu (P.T.A) Chairman, Rev. Frank M. Tandoh Church of Pentecost, Tsopoli. Others are: Gabriel Cudjoe Anidaso Woho Gh. (NGO), Jonas Kwao Adjirakor Polling Executive, local associations and staff of the Assembly.Briefing the participants, the District Development Planning officer, Mr. Francis Essandah, disclosed that the Central Government mandates all the assemblies to periodically present to the communities, progress made by the assembly and plans for the future. He explained the significance of the District Assembly at the local level and residents’ civic roles and responsibilities.

He also educated the participants on the importance of payments of tolls and other fees to the District Assembly.In an elaborate presentation, he projected pictorial evidence of developmental projects the Assembly has executed. He reviewed the number of projects and activities undertaken in the year 2019 and the on-going projects in 2020, the cost of these projects, their respective locations and levels of completions. He informed participants that the projects were funded solely, from the tolls and taxes (Internally Generated Funds) the communities pay to the Districts Assembly.The projects spans across physical and non-physical projects in the areas of education, health, sanitation, feeder roads, donations and social welfare. The physical projects consist of construction and renovation of school blocks, teachers’ bungalows, CHPs compounds, storm drains, public toilets, markets and office accommodations.

The District Directorate of Agriculture also implemented 13 programmes to boost the agricultural sector in the district.The budget analyst, Ms. Ayorkor Ayayee addressing the gathering, mentioned that in as much as the Assembly is poised to developing the District, inadequate Internally Generated Funds (IGF) has derailed the developmental process. From her presentation, there has been a consistent deficit in the nominal budget for IGF and the actual amounts realized after revenue mobilization.

The major bottleneck attributable to this is, apathy on the part of residents and business operators. Refusal to pay tolls, royalties, taxes and rates accounts for the inadequate revenue mobilization, resulting in slow pace of development, she explained.The chief of Tsopoli, Nene Tetteh-tsu Dusey II, advised his subjects to diligently honor their civic responsibilities to the Assembly by paying their approved rates, taxes, royalties among others to accelerate development in the community and the district in general. He also encouraged all participants to support the opening of the Tsopoli market for economic activities to commence.The DCE, Hon. Jonathan Doku and the DCD, Mr. Ali Amadu Mohammed, thanked participants for their cooperation and significant contributions.

The DCD advised that those interested in the market should submit their names to the District Assembly for necessary documentation.Summary of some physical projectsProject Location % Of Work DoneComplete and furnish Ayetepa CHPS Compound Ayetepa 100%Construction of Class room Block Mataheko-Afienya 100%Construction of 6 unit, 1-Bedroom Semi-Detached Teachers bungalow Mangotsonya 100%Rehabilitation of 2No. 3-Unit Classroom Block and Administration Block at old PRAMSEC, Miotso 100% Miotso Construction of 30-Unit Market sheds at Miotso 100% Miotso Construction of 2×1.5M storm drain Old Ningo 100%Construction of 40-Unit Market Sheds at Tsopoli Tsopoli 100%


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