The Ningo-Prampram District has recorded 478 confirmed cases of covid-19 since the rise of the pandemic in March 2020 in Ghana. For the year 2021, the District has recorded 188 covid cases. More importantly, the rate of infection has declined steadily with a zero active case as at Tuesday, 27th April 2021.During the vaccination exercise in March this year, a total of 1,013 community members and health workers were vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine. The inadequate vaccines received were all exhausted even though public interest and participation was low. Disturbingly, adherence to the safety protocols has been ignored by a majority of the community members. The wearing of the nose mask, social distancing and frequent washing of hands have all been ignored. Local Ceremonies and traditional rites are being celebrated in large gatherings without adherence to the safety protocols. There is the need for an intense public re-sensitization on this subject matter to prevent a spike in infections. A continuous awareness creation on the effects of covid-19 and the cost involved in its treatment is recommended to help community members understand the need to protect ourselves. The District Health Directorate is urging the public to adhere strictly to the COVID- 19 safety protocols, so as to maintain the zero active case recorded.

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