Newly inaugurated Assembly Members of the Ningo Prampram Assembly have been called upon by their District Chief Executive (DCE) to peacefully co- exist with the Chiefs and Elders of the Two Traditional Councils especially as the Country enters the electioneering season, he said there is the need to use every available platform to preach peace. Hon. Jonathan Teye Doku added that in the year, there had been special police and military interventions that helped to forestall security challenges, and that singular intervention has placed a toll on the financial laurels of the Assembly.

The DCE said this in his Sessional Address at the Second Meeting of the First Session of the Third Assembly of the Ningo Prampram District Assembly. The DCE reminded the Assembly members who were inaugurated on the 23rd January this year following the December 7, 2019 District Level Elections that the Section 28 (1) and (2a) of the Local Governance Act 2016, gives him the right to brief the “House” on Government policies as well as on the status of policy planning and implementation in his tenure of office. From 2017 to date, Hon. Jonathan Teye Doku updated the Assembly in the sectors of Social Welfare, Education, Health, Security, and in other important sectors.


The DCE over the years has overseen the day to day administration of the District and as a result many successes have been attained.


The DCE outlined the effort made as far as the Covid -19 pandemic is concerned and the successes that were chalked, according to him, measures were put in place to control and prevent the spread of the pandemic, there was the formation of the District Emergency Public Health Committee (DPHEC)and the team was tasked to distribute veronica buckets, and sanitary items to various public places such as markets, lorry, okada taxi stations, to promote hand washing, several sensitization and public announcements were carried out in every corner of the district as public education all in an effort to control the spread of the disease. According to him, the district over the years has made a positive impact in the areas of, Malaria and cholera, reduction and prevention, however HIV/AIDS continues to dominate the district, he called on members to liaise with Chiefs, Peer Educators, and Health Personnel to continue to promote publicity on covid-19 and its protocols and also HIV/AIDS prevention. There was also the construction of 2 CHPS Compounds in Mobole and Ayetepa all in an effort to promote the health of the constituents in the district.


The attention of management over the period has been focused on the provision of critical educational infrastructure such as the provision of school buildings and furniture. In all 14 schools have been either completed or at their advance stages of completion. In the area of furniture supply, there was the distribution of dual desks, teachers tables, Kindergarten tables and chairs ,and Junior High School tables and chairs .In all 53 schools benefited from the supply of the furniture,


The Assembly through its relevant department has offered social welfare services, in all, 36 communities with a total number of 1,183 beneficiaries have benefited from the Livelihood Empowerment against Poverty (LEAP) programme, and with the School Feeding Programme, a total of 6790 pupils benefited from 20 schools


The DCE in his remark thanked Security Personnel, the Police, Military, BNI Fire Service for conducting regular patrols to control crime and taking prompt actions on information about criminal activities and chieftaincy issues he called on them to keep up the good work.


In the area of agriculture, Hon, Jonathan Teye Doku remarked that agriculture has created about 35% of jobs for both the youth and elderly, it has also contributed substantially to the district’s GDP and food security. He used the opportunity to invite all present to grace this year’s district Farmers Day Celebration which will be held in Tsopoli.


A total of 38 projects were implemented during the period, ranging from the construction of a 3- Unit Bedroom Semi-Detached Teachers Bungalow, Completion of a 3-Unit Classroom for Islamic School at Prampram, Construction of 12 Seater Toilet Facility for Prampram SHS, Rehabilitation of Office for MASLOC (New Ningo) Renovation of Area Council Office Block (Old Ningo) Construction of Market Sheds at Miotso, Prampram, Old Ningo among many other important projects. Most of the projects are completed, and others ongoing. The Presiding Member for Ningo-Prampram, Hon. Solomon Djangmah cautioned workers to exhibit professionalism in their field of work, he called on technocrats to do their best to submit documents early enough to enable Assembly Members have a fair idea on documents so they can make meaningful contributions during meetings, he added that technocrats are supposed to help the political leadership achieve their goals.He also cautioned the Revenue Taskforce of the Assembly and the Internally Generated Staff (IGF Staff) to be professional and perform the work for which they are being paid, in order to promote development in the area.

The meeting witnessed the approval of a number of important documents such as the 2019/2020 Reviewed Budget, the 2020/2021 Composite Budget, the Model Standing Orders of the Assembly and the Fee Fixing Document. The New Coordinating Director of the District, Alhaji Mohammed Avona Akape also gave meaningful advice that would go a long way to advance the betterment of management and staff.

Tuesday, 27th October 2020.



The District Chief Executive for Ningo Prampram Hon. Jonathan Teye Doku has once again fulfilled a promise he made when he assumed office in 2017 to provide a thousand (1,000) pieces of school desks each year to schools in his jurisdiction. Already close to 4,000 school desks have been distributed to various schools. He made the statement when he handed over 500 pieces of tables and chairs to the Education Directorate for onward distribution to schools in the district on Thursday, 1st October. He urged the directorate to impress upon the teachers to help take good care of the furniture. He added that the Assembly through the vision of the government is committed to invest in education both infrastructure, and human resource to among other things better the performance of students. The DCE also mentioned the inclusion of nursery schools in the 2021 budget of the Assembly so they can also benefit from the Assembly’s projects in the district. Receiving the donation, the District Director of Education, Madam Beatrix Ollennu, expressed her gratitude for the donation and commended the Assembly for its unreserved passion for the Educational Sector in the district making references to other projects by the Assembly such as the construction of an 8 bedroom teachers bungalow at Prampram Senior High School, construction of classroom blocks, the cutting of sod for a six unit classroom block amongst others. The NPP Parliamentary Aspirant for Ningo-Prampram, Mr. Alex Martey, who was also present for the donation said the donation shows how committed the Government is to improve the educational sector in the country. He therefore urged that the President is given another chance so that he can do more in order to fulfill his vision completely.



The First Lady H.E. Rebecca Okaikor Akuffo-Addo on Friday, 21st August presented items to the Ningo and Prampram Traditional Councils as the two traditional areas prepare to celebrate this year’s Homowo festival. The items comprised bags of palm fruit, assorted drinks, and bags of maize, gallons of palm oil and an undisclosed amount of money each traditional area. The First Lady also together with the Chiefs and people of Ningo cut sod for the construction of the 2nd phase of the 40 shed Old Ningo market, and the construction of a Maternity Block. The first lady also cut a sod for the construction of a 6-unit classroom block at Peace-Be, Community 25. She was accompanied by some Ministers of State, and Government Officials, she was well received by the District Chief Executive, Hon. Jonathan Teye -Doku, Chiefs and elders of the two traditional councils, staff of the District Assembly and the General Public.




Approximately a hundred adolescent girls from some selected communities in the Ningo-Prampram District have been admonished to report any form of sexual harassment, abuse and gender based violence regardless of who the perpetrator is, to the Domestic Violence and victim Support Unit (DOVVSU), the Ghana Police service and the District Assembly for immediate assistance and redress. They were enlightened that sexual violence is criminal and must reject informal mediation/ out of court settlements in rape or defilement cases in order to receive medical attention, receive justice, control stigmatization and regain control of their education and future. The girls were entreated to be cautious of their male friends and male family relations, who research has revealed, are largely, perpetrators of sexual violence. They were also cautioned against boyfriend relationships despite economic challenges. The adolescent girls received these advices at the “Mentorship to Empower Adolescents on Sexual Reproductive Health Rights and Gender Based violence programme, jointly, organized by the Department of Gender of the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection and the Gender Desk of the Ningo-Prampram District Assembly.

The programme received sponsorship from the United Nations sexual and reproductive health agency, UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund).Addressing the participants, the Regional Director of Gender, (Western Region), Miss. Maribel Akuokor Okine indicated that sexual and gender based violence is a global social issue which leaves victims, physically, emotionally and psychologically traumatized. According to statistics available to her, one out of three women experience physical violence, one out of five women experienced forced sex and two out of ten women first sexual intercourse was by forced. This she said underscores the need to empower adolescents periodically to take charge of their sexual health, prevent sexual violence and make informed decisions on their sexual health. She encouraged the girls to refrain from sexual relations and incest especially that they are less than eighteen (18) years. She also asked them to report harmful practices such as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and forced marriages to the appropriate authorities. These acts she stated are against their human rights and must be reported for lawful prosecution and logical redress. Stating the underlining rationale for the mentorship programme, madam Matilda Bampo disclosed that most often than not, adolescents in the smaller communities lack guidance and role models. Teenage pregnancies, poverty, child marriages and sexual and gender violence has been identified to hinder the girl child education. Now that second cycle education is free, these bottles necks must be eliminated to ensure the girl child is well educated as well as empowered to make informed decisions concerning their future wellbeing. It is against this background that these stakeholders have organized this mentorship programme “to ensure these selected girls are educated, healthy and socially empowered, and free from violence and discrimination”. These combined efforts are expected to yield quality education, reduce their vulnerability to forced marriages, gender based violence and equip them with information to make meaningful informed decisions concerning their sexuality and future.

Madam Naomi Ahortor from the District Health Directorate disclosed that statistics on teenage pregnancy incidence in the district is on the ascendency. In 2017, 2018 and 2019, 439, 448 and 515 teenage pregnancy cases were recorded respectively. However, the margin of increases in these cases is decreasing, giving hope that the battle can be won with intensified mentorship programmes. She advised the girls against premature sex since the possibility of contracting Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STIs) including HIV/AIDS, can have adverse effect on their health and future. The Deputy Director of the Ningo-Prampram District Assembly, Mr. David Mawufemo Tuglo who represented the District Chief Executive, advised the girls to make positive use of their phones as well as the social media. He encouraged them to put into practice the knowledge they have acquired in the course of the programme. Ms. Zubaida Damago at the gender desk of the District Assembly entreated the participants to become peer educators in their various communities and spread the good news for social and behavioral transformation. She gave out a hotline contact (0246856880) to the participants needing counselling, advice or any form of assistance concerning their sexual and reproductive health. The Gender Desk she said can be located at the District Development Planning Office for walk-in services. The adolescent girls were drawn from Ahwiam, Lekpongunor, Prampram, Mangotsonya and Lotsubuer communities within the District.




The management of the Ningo-Prampram District Assembly, led by the District Chief Executive, Hon. Jonathan Doku has organized a stakeholders meeting on Public Financial Management (PFM) Information for the community members in Tsopoli and its environs. The DCE interacted with participants on varying issues including deplorable road networks within the Tsopoli community, small size of the newly constructed Tsopoli market, difficulty in acquiring building permit as well as exorbitant fees charged.

Participants were also concerned over poor sanitation especially air pollution from FABRIMETAL company and indiscriminate open defecation. Responding to these key concerns, Hon. Doku stated that the Internally Generated Funds are woefully inadequate to construct tarred roads. The Assembly can periodically grade it to be motorable. More importantly, construction of roads is a major preserve of the Central Government.

Notwithstanding this, the feeder roads department has been contacted over deplorable roads in the district and plans are under way for central government to take over the construction of these roads. Relating to permit acquisition, hon. Doku sternly advised prospective applicants to desist from the use of middlemen to acquire permits. This he said is a contributive factor to the supposed exorbitant fees. He entreated all applicants to walk in to the District Works Department for enquires with the appropriate documents (site plan and indenture). He assured that applicants would receive their permits within two weeks. Though the DCE attested to the small size of the Tsopoli market, he entreated the leaders and community elders to operationalize it whiles the assembly makes preparations towards future expansion.

He further advised landlords to incorporate toilet facilities into their housing projects even though the assembly is constructing considerable number of public toilets for the deprived communities. He also assured the people that management of the assembly would meet with the FABRIMETAL company over regulations governing air pollution to avert any health implications. He added that the assembly would also make use of the district assembly by-laws (sent for gazette) to address the issue of open defecation.The meeting was held under the theme, improving service delivery, transparency and accountability through feedback and dialogue on local government budgets, plans and programs. Similar meetings had been held earlier at Ahwiam, Afienya, Dawhenya and Lekpongunor.

The meeting brought together profiled stakeholders in the Tsopoli community. Key amongst them were Nene Tetteh-tsu Dusey II Chief of Tsopoli, Hon. Blessing K. Addico Assembly Member, Hon. Hannah Appenteng, Gov’t Appointee, Amos Teye Unit Committee, John Ayumu (P.T.A) Chairman, Rev. Frank M. Tandoh Church of Pentecost, Tsopoli. Others are: Gabriel Cudjoe Anidaso Woho Gh. (NGO), Jonas Kwao Adjirakor Polling Executive, local associations and staff of the Assembly.Briefing the participants, the District Development Planning officer, Mr. Francis Essandah, disclosed that the Central Government mandates all the assemblies to periodically present to the communities, progress made by the assembly and plans for the future. He explained the significance of the District Assembly at the local level and residents’ civic roles and responsibilities.

He also educated the participants on the importance of payments of tolls and other fees to the District Assembly.In an elaborate presentation, he projected pictorial evidence of developmental projects the Assembly has executed. He reviewed the number of projects and activities undertaken in the year 2019 and the on-going projects in 2020, the cost of these projects, their respective locations and levels of completions. He informed participants that the projects were funded solely, from the tolls and taxes (Internally Generated Funds) the communities pay to the Districts Assembly.The projects spans across physical and non-physical projects in the areas of education, health, sanitation, feeder roads, donations and social welfare. The physical projects consist of construction and renovation of school blocks, teachers’ bungalows, CHPs compounds, storm drains, public toilets, markets and office accommodations.

The District Directorate of Agriculture also implemented 13 programmes to boost the agricultural sector in the district.The budget analyst, Ms. Ayorkor Ayayee addressing the gathering, mentioned that in as much as the Assembly is poised to developing the District, inadequate Internally Generated Funds (IGF) has derailed the developmental process. From her presentation, there has been a consistent deficit in the nominal budget for IGF and the actual amounts realized after revenue mobilization.

The major bottleneck attributable to this is, apathy on the part of residents and business operators. Refusal to pay tolls, royalties, taxes and rates accounts for the inadequate revenue mobilization, resulting in slow pace of development, she explained.The chief of Tsopoli, Nene Tetteh-tsu Dusey II, advised his subjects to diligently honor their civic responsibilities to the Assembly by paying their approved rates, taxes, royalties among others to accelerate development in the community and the district in general. He also encouraged all participants to support the opening of the Tsopoli market for economic activities to commence.The DCE, Hon. Jonathan Doku and the DCD, Mr. Ali Amadu Mohammed, thanked participants for their cooperation and significant contributions.

The DCD advised that those interested in the market should submit their names to the District Assembly for necessary documentation.Summary of some physical projectsProject Location % Of Work DoneComplete and furnish Ayetepa CHPS Compound Ayetepa 100%Construction of Class room Block Mataheko-Afienya 100%Construction of 6 unit, 1-Bedroom Semi-Detached Teachers bungalow Mangotsonya 100%Rehabilitation of 2No. 3-Unit Classroom Block and Administration Block at old PRAMSEC, Miotso 100% Miotso Construction of 30-Unit Market sheds at Miotso 100% Miotso Construction of 2×1.5M storm drain Old Ningo 100%Construction of 40-Unit Market Sheds at Tsopoli Tsopoli 100%



The District Chief Executive of Ningo-Prampram, Hon. Jonathan Teye Doku has advised registrants, party agents as well as Electoral Commission officials to adhere strictly to Covid-19 safety protocols to prevent the contraction of the virus during the registration exercise. He reminded all to observe the social distancing rule, washing of hands with soap under running water, the use of sanitizer and most importantly, appropriate wearing of nose mask as outlined by government and the health officials. He further donated hand sanitizers and nose masks to all participants at each registration center.

The DCE interacted with registrants as part of his second working visit to these centres to ensuring the safety of the people. Registration at all the polling stations visited went smoothly except for minor problems, such as occasional malfunctioning of the registration machine and misconduct of some registrants at a few registration centres.

The Hon. DCE, while ensuring the adherence of COVID-19 safety measures took the opportunity register in fulfillment of his Civic Rights and as a responsible law abiding citizen.The District Electoral Commission office Prampram, Old Presbyterian Church Dawhenya, Assemblies of God Afienya Jerusalem, Afienya Zongo, Dzidas Cinema Hall Old Ningo, Ningo Senior High school Old Ningo, New Ningo Taxi Rank Old Ningo, Methodist Church New Ningo, Town Planning Prampram were the polling stations visited.

The DCE has previously visited a majority of the registration centres since the inception of the exercise and made similar donations to participants. He is optimistic participants would remain safe so far as they abide with all the COVID 19 Safety measures and the District as well, shoulders it’s responsibilities to provide relief items to the needy and vulnerable in this trying times.In consultation with the District Electoral Commissioner, Hon Jonathan reminded the security personnel’s at the District Electoral Commission office to only allow the aged, disabled and pregnant women to register whiles the youth move to other canters to get registered.

He encouraged all to heed to instructions from the Electoral Commission Officials as well as the security personnel’s to ensure a safe and fair registration. Also, he urged all to exercise patience with the officials as they solve issues with the registration machine.

The public is still reminded to carry along their Ghana card or valid passport to ensure swift registration. In the absence of these, one can come along with two persons who have already registered, to vouch for their eligibility to register.

Registrants are also advised to wear their masks to cover both their noses and mouths until they are through with the registration process.

ISD Prampram


The Ningo Prampram District Chief Executive, Hon. Jonathan Teye Doku has paid a working visit to some polling stations within the District to gather first hand information regarding the registration, safety of the people and adherence to the COVID-19 safety protocols. He was accompanied by some security personnel from the Ghana Armed forces.Upholding the safety of all the stakeholders in high esteem, the District Chief Executive, Hon. Doku, donated hand sanitizers and nose masks to the officials.

This gesture is in line with complaints received regarding the inadequacy of these protective items from both individuals as well as the electoral commission officers. He earnestly advised all to strictly adhere to the protocols outlined by government to reduce the increasing numbers of infections. He further reminded them to periodically wash their hands and observe social distancing to avoid the spread of the Corona Virus.It is worth noting that majority of the polling stations visited by the DCE, registration was smoothly going on but with minor isolated problems. Some of these problems were occasional malfunctioning of the voters registration machine and also misconduct of some individuals at some polling stations. All the polling stations had party agents representing their parties and security personnel at some polling stations assisting the electoral commission officials to maintain order as well as safety.

The District has 12 polling stations with 14 voter registration machines distributed to all polling stations within the district to facilitate the registration of the new voters’ identification card.Approximately, 3000 individuals had been registered for the new identification card since the exercise commenced.The polling stations visited includes; Methodist Primary 1 Dawhenya, Mobole D/A basic school, Youth leadership training Afienya, D/A primary Mataheko, Methodist primary school, District Electoral commission Office and Anglican JHS 1 Prampram.

Due to time constraints the DCE would visit the remaining polling stations on Saturday, 4 July, 2020, Hon. Jonathan Teye Doku, whilst interacting with Electoral Commission Director, commended them for their efforts and professionalism so far.He admonished the registrants to exercise patience with the Electoral Commission Officials and their team to resolve issues with the voters Registration machine.

He reiterated the adherence to COVID 19 safety protocols to ensure a smooth and fair registration.The public is reminded to carry along their Ghana card or valid passport to ensure swift registration. Registrants are also advised to wear their masks to cover both their noses and mouths until they are through with the registration process.

ISD Prampram

World Day Against Child Labour

WORLD DAY AGAINST CHILD LABOUR (WDACL)12thJUNE, 2020 AT LANDING BEACH (OLD-NINGO)The Network for Community planning and Development (NECPAD) in collaboration with members of the Ningo Prampram District Assembly celebrated World day against child labour with the communities along the Old Ningo landing beach. The program was set to educate and highlight the measures to reduce or halt child labour in localities including Ningo and Prampram as a whole. The theme for the program was”COVID-19: protect children from child labour now more than ever”.The Queen Mother of the Old Ningo community, Naana Dugbakwor Dugba II, expressed her profound appreciation to the Organization and the Assembly for this wonderful initiative. She acknowledged, that child labour is a generational social canker and its persistent in this modern era is a source of worry to all stakeholders.

She called on all Parents and guardians to take the education of their wards seriously to curb child labour in this district and the nation as a whole.The District Director of Social Welfare Department, Mrs. Augustina Nartey stated that several children throughout the world are involved in laborious work that deprives them from receiving adequate health care, education, family life, social interactions among others. Majority of the children are involved in the worst forms of labour such as fishing, mining, farming, prostitution and domestic work.Significantly, the International Labour Organization (ILO) launched World Day against Child Labour in the year 2002 after which is annually celebrated to raise awareness about plight of child labourers worldwide. The United Nations set the 12th of June each year as one of the important dates to educate the public on issues affecting children particularly young children who engage in hazardous work and find ways to eradicate it, she added.She expatiated that the World Day against Child Labour is used to increase awareness about the various harmful mental and physical problems faced by children who are forced in labour, in Ghana it is estimated that 1 out of 5 children (21.8%) are involved in child labour. She advised every individual to work together as stakeholders as it is their role to achieve a sustainable development goal 8.7 so that children would live decent life and not work to survive.

The Senior Labour Officer, Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations, Mrs. Esther Ofori Agyemang, in her keynote address said, this year celebration has coincided with an era where COVID-19 has plunged the world into depending crisis arising out of income less and economic insecurity among families and the situation in several advanced economies where there have been huge economic losses given an idea of the extent to which it’s spiral effects is going to impact the less developed countries.She added that, COVID-19 has predisposed children to risk factors of Child Labour and if immediate measures are not taken, it will have negative consequences on children. The collapse and closure of businesses with the attendant job losses will increase the vulnerability of many individuals and households and thereby push them below the poverty line, this will invariably have negative consequences on children who may be compelled to engage in child labour to support their families. According to estimates from the ILO, children will be the hardest hit as 42-66million of them could fall into extreme poverty in 2020, in addition to the estimated 386 million children already in extreme poverty in 2019.

Children at home could further expose themselves to all kinds of abuses, particularly girls, who may be burdened with domestic chores and may be predisposed to sexual abuses, she emphasized.She encouraged schools and private media houses to continue with programmes to educate children amidst the pandemic, as she wished to applaud the Ghana Education Service in collaborating with Ghana Broadcasting Corporation in introducing the Ghana Learning Television (GLTV) for children. She also entreated all partners to support the implementation of the National Plan Action (NPA2) for the Elimination of the Worst Forms of Child Labour, promote the rights and education of children as well as rally behind effective social Mobilization for attitudinal change for the elimination of child labour and worst forms of child labour.She added that the Ministry recently launched the protocols and guidelines for establishing Child Labour Free Zone in Ghana. The aim is to strengthen government and other partner’s effort to uphold the constitutional provision on the fundamental rights of children to be protected from work that constitutes a threat to their health, education and development effort. It, as well encourages all stakeholders, including communities, teachers, parents, children themselves, community groups, religious leaders and local government authorities among others, to consciously commit resources to the child labour eradication process and accelerate efforts to eradicate all forms of child labour from their areas of jurisdiction.

Mr. David Mawufemo Tuglo, Deputy Director of Ningo-Prampram District Assembly on behalf of the District Chief Executive, firstly, applauded the Organization for their education in the community and also said, the Ningo-Prampram District Assembly has a committee which collaborates with the Social Welfare department of the Assembly in taking measures to eradicate not only child labour but also provide communities with school amenities to aid children to also attend school without paying. He added that, the Assembly is working very hard to help lots of children in the District as a whole, as most individuals in most communities are unable to go to school due to financial problems

.Mr. Paul Asamoah Kukwaw, Executive Director for Network for Community Planning and Development (NECPAD), Project Coordinator, Sustainable Nets, reiterated the importance of the world day against child labour, as set aside by the International Labour Organization to raise awareness and activism to prevent child labour and campaigned with the aim of soliciting commitments to the fight against child labour.He added that, the Ghana Living Standard Survey (GLSS) reports that about nine in every ten children (91%,) who suffer some form of abuse were involved in child labour while 87.4 percent of such children were engaged in hazardous forms of child labour, only 22.5 percent of children who do not suffer any abuse are reported to be engaged in child labour.Mr. Paul Kukwaw, said, the European Union recognises Child Labour in Ghana and is implementing “Combating Child Labour in Ghana” to contribute to Government of Ghana’s efforts in eliminating Child Labour in Ghana. As part of the project, the network for Community planning and Development (NECPAD) along with partners Cooperazione Internationale Sud Sud (CISS) and Italian NGO based in Palermo with office in Ghana and Rural Development and Youth Association (RUDEYA) based in Kumasi Ghana, are implementing the project entitled “Sustainable Nets-Building a Sustainable Protective Network to eliminate Child labour as a result of human trafficking in fisheries in lake Volta”.The objective of this project is contributing to eliminate the worst forms of Child Labour (WFCL) as a result of human trafficking in the fisheries sector in Ghana. Also, it target representative MDAs, RCCs, MMDAs, CSOs in playing active role in the fight against Child Labour and trafficking in fisheries as well as enhancing the roles of social workers, fishers association, law enforcements and all related stakeholders.

A total number of thirty (30) fishing communities (both origin and sending) are earmarked to benefit from the 30 months project. These communities selected from 13 districts includes; Pru, Sene East and Atebubu Districts in Bono East Region; Kpando, Jasikan and Biakope District in Volta Region; Karachi East District in Oti Region; Awutu and Mfantsiman Districts in Central Region; and Ada East and Ningo Prampram Districts in Greater Accra Region.He continued, though COVID-19 has been a major constraints to their project, government of Ghana response to the outbreak, (closure all schools, borders and partial lockdown of selected regions) has already had a toll on the economy and negatively affected the population in general and children in particular. Children are often the first to suffer as this crisis can push millions of vulnerable children into child labour. Therefore, let increase our commitment and brace ourselves in support of actions to minimize the negative consequences of COVID-19 on households and on our children, he advised.ISDNingo-Prampram


The Wind Farm developers (Upwind Ayitepa) in Ningo-Prampram District has donated COVID-19 relief items to the District Assembly for redistribution to the health facilities and the vulnerable in the District. The items consisted of One Thousand Nine Hundred And Thirty (1930) pieces of nose mask and One Thousand One Hundred And Twenty-Eight (1128) bottles of 200ml hand sanitizers.The rationale for the gesture is to assist the people of the district, especially the vulnerable to protect themselves against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The District Chief Executive Hon. Jonathan Teye-Doku who took custody of the items expressed his gratitude over this kind gesture to the District. He assured the benefactors,The items would be used as intended to ensure the safety of the people in the District. Hon. Doku was impressed with the concern shown in the vulnerable and health services, though the company’s core mandate is in energy generation.

The DCE, handed over the items to the District Health Director Ms. Gifty Ofori Ansah to ensure the health facilities and the social welfare department receive the items on behalf of the vulnerable.According to the liaison officers, aside this donation, they are embarking on house to house education and distribution of nose mask and sanitizers. The companies behind the wind farm- Enercon GmbH, Lekela Power B.V. and NEK Umwelttechnik AG, are all committed to the fight of overcoming this pandemic.

The Wind Farm is expected to successfully, augment Ghana’s electrical capacity with 400MW of clean, renewable, affordable and sustainable energy.ISDNingo-Prampram …June 12, 2020

Ningo-Prampram DCE Donated Footballs To Ghana Eagles Soccer Academy

The District Chief Executive for Ningo-Prampram, Hon. Jonathan Paanii Doku has donated two Mitre footballs to the Ghana Eagles Soccer Academy (GESA) whose camp base is at Lotsubuer, a suburb of Great Ningo in the same district.

The kind gesture by the DCE happened on Monday 4th May, 2020 after the management of the academy called on him for support on a number of things needed to aid in the efficient training and development of young talents in the area of football.

In presenting the items to the management members who visited his office at Prampram after a moment of discussions, the DCE expressed his willingness to support the academy, and added that he will also be donating a set of jerseys in due time.

The managing director of the academy on behalf of the management thanked the DCE and also told him more about the academy and what it exists for. He also made the DCE aware of other important items and facilities that the academy needs, such as a standard football pitch that will be beneficial to both GESA and the entire football district. Both the managing director and the board chairman of GESA are executive members of the Dangme South District Football Association. For that, they used the opportunity to appeal to the DCE to offer support for the district’s football activities and to help provide an office space for the FA. These, the DCE took in good faith and pledged his support to both the academy and the district football at any available opportunity.

He also revealed his plan that he was working on to help provide AstroTurf pitches each for Ningo and Prampram through the Ministry of Youth and Sports, but the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has halted the progress of the plan. However, he assured that he will continue to follow up on it when things return to normal. He then advised on the need to observe all safety protocols regarding the pandemic to stay safe.

The management of GESA were represented by the three directors of the academy, thus Israel Blebo (Board Chairman), Frederick Kojo Huago (Managing Director), and Henry Agortey Borbietey (Board Secretary).