Human Resource Unit

The Human Resource Unit coordinates all human resources programmes; and organize staff trainings within the Assembly.

The Unit ensures the effective and efficient administration of human resources; translate institutional policies in respect of employment, personnel, wages and salaries into good management practices. The unit also updates the records of staff on regular basis as well as ensuring the inter and intra departmental collaboration to facilitate staff performance and development.

The Human Resource Unit reports on all human resource related activities and put in measures to upgrade the capabilities, skills and knowledge of staffs in the Assembly. The Unit also performs other roles such as seeing to the general welfare of Staffs and Appraising direct reports.


The District Transport Unit is handled by the HR office and manages all activities related to Transportation in the Assembly.

They are responsible for the formulation and implementation of transport policies, they advise management of the Assembly on the purchase of new vehicles and spare parts.

The unit also regulates and ensures the effective and efficient utilization of all official vehicles as well as ensuring adequate utilization of financial resources and the maintenance of all vehicles in the Assembly.

Members of the Unit include Human Resource Managers:

Sedona Oteng

Cythia Aryee


Josephine Bortey